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If the soleus contraction is inade- rectus femoris purchase celexa 20 mg on-line, and hip adductor muscles quate generic 10mg celexa, the quadriceps muscles continue flex the hip buy discount celexa 20 mg on line. The rectus femoris also con- to fire to compensate for the dorsiflexed trols knee flexion by an eccentric con- ankle. Muscles that act across the an- sate, the patient must avoid early stance kle stabilize the foot as the triceps surae phase knee flexion and maintain the knee muscles contract. The ground reaction extension that was initiated during the force rapidly dissipates through the swing phase. Work at the ankle is Approaches for Walking 257 mostly concentric and is highest at push- WALKING SPEED off. The hemiplegic patient often misses Casual walking speed in hemiplegic gait is about this phase because of sustained knee ex- half of the walking speed of age-matched nor- tension from excessive quadriceps activ- mal subjects. Mean ranges for gait speed in sev- ity or as compensation for poor calf con- eral studies of recovery from hemiplegic stroke trol. Patients also compensate for toe drag 5 have been as low as 25 to 50 cm/second, com- by circumducting the leg or by vaulting pared to the 130 cm/second (2. A prospective observational study of 185 proximately 40% of the normal gait cycle. Swing has an dian of 45 cm/second on admission to 55 cm/sec- initial acceleration at the hip powered by 7 ond at discharge. Speed is a good reflection of the iliopsoas and other flexor muscles and the overall gait pattern. Because speed is deter- a deceleration phase controlled by con- mined by cadence and step length, one ap- traction of the hamstrings group. The proach to increasing speed for hemiparetic pa- knee flexes like a pendulum, driven by tients is to decrease the longer double-limb hip flexion. At the end of swing, the ham- support time and single-limb support time of the strings prevent knee hyperextension. The single-limb stance time on toe clears the ground by less than 3 cm the affected leg may be abnormal in relation to as a result of contraction of the tibialis an- the decreased proportion of time spent in terior muscle, which places the ankle in stance, but the actual time may be near normal, a neutral position, and from shortening from approximately 0. The hemiplegic Although patients with hemiplegia experi- patient often cannot flex at the hip and ence no increase in the rate of energy expen- ankle while extending the knee. The leg diture, mostly because they walk so slowly, the becomes functionally too long. Hip hik- energy demand on them is higher because it ing powered by the paraspinal and ab- 9 takes longer to cover a given distance.

The media is the middle layer of muscle and elastic tis- adhesion molecules Monocyte chemotactic sue 20mg celexa with visa. Vascular smooth CHAPTER 50 PHYSIOLOGY OF THE CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM 741 Arteries bolic wastes from tissues to the kidneys generic 10 mg celexa, skin buy 20 mg celexa free shipping, and lungs for excretion Arteries and arterioles contain a well-developed layer of • Transports hormones from endocrine glands to other smooth muscle (the media) and are sometimes called resis- parts of the body tance vessels. Their efficiency depends on their patency and • Transports leukocytes and antibodies to sites of injury, ability to constrict or dilate in response to various stimuli. They are sometimes called ca- • Plasma comprises approximately 55% of the total blood pacitance vessels, because blood may accumulate in various volume, and it is more than 90% water. Their efficiency depends on pa- ents are tency, competency of valves, and the pumping action of mus- • Serum albumin, which helps maintain blood volume cles around veins. They consist of a sin- • Solid particles or cells comprise approximately 45% of gle layer of connected endothelial cells and a few smooth total blood volume. Gases, nutrients, cells, and waste products are cells or RBCs); leukocytes (white blood cells or WBCs); exchanged between blood and extracellular fluid across cap- and thrombocytes (platelets). The endothelial lining acts as a semipermeable all RBCs, 60% to 70% of WBCs, and all platelets. Lym- membrane to regulate the exchange of plasma solutes with phatic tissues (spleen and lymph nodes) produce 20% extracellular fluid. Lipid-soluble materials diffuse directly to 30% of the WBCs, and reticuloendothelial tissues through the capillary cell membrane; water and water-soluble (spleen, liver, lymph nodes) produce 4% to 8% of WBCs. Almost all oxygen (95% to 97%) is transported in Lymphatics combination with hemoglobin; very little is dissolved in blood. The lifespan of a normal RBC is approxi- Lymphatic vessels, which are composed mainly of endothe- mately 120 days. They then stream to enter injured tissues and phagocytize the carry lymphocytes, large molecules of protein and fat, micro- injurious agent. For example, when a blood vessel is injured, platelets adhere to each other and Blood functions to nourish and oxygenate body cells, protect the edges of the injury to form a cluster of activated the body from invading microorganisms, and initiate hemo- platelets (ie, a platelet thrombus or plug) that sticks stasis when a blood vessel is injured. If cells to lungs for removal from the body not used, they circulate for approximately a week • Transports absorbed food products from the gastroin- before being removed by phagocytic cells of the testinal tract to tissues; at the same time, carries meta- spleen. In addition, these drugs may be given for pal- bidity and mortality, often stem from blood vessel abnormali- liation of symptoms without alteration of the underlying dis- ties. In turn, most vascular diseases result from the malfunction ease process. Dysfunctional endothelium is considered a major factor in atherosclerosis, acute coronary syndromes (symptomatic myocardial ischemia, asymptomatic myocardial infarction [MI], and MI with or Review and Application Exercises without ST-segment elevation), hypertension, and throm- boembolic disorders. In what circumstances do other parts of the heart take over forces and leads to vasospasm, thrombosis, growth of the in- as pacemaker?

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Prostaglandins may be used to used during the first trimester but should then be discontin- terminate pregnancy during the second trimester order celexa 40 mg. The reproductive system cheap 20 mg celexa mastercard, prostaglandins E and F are found in same effects would probably occur with angiotensin II the ovaries purchase 20mg celexa otc, myometrium, and menstrual fluid. They stimulate receptor blockers (ARBs), because they also act on the uterine contraction and are probably important in initiating and renin–angiotensin system. Drug preparations of Although diuretics are commonly used in the treatment of prostaglandins are capable of inducing labor at any time dur- hypertension, they should not be given during pregnancy. Misoprostol, a prostaglandin developed to They decrease blood volume, cardiac output, and blood pres- prevent nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug–induced gastric sure and may cause fluid and electrolyte imbalances, all of ulcers (see Chap. Mifepristone is a progesterone antagonist used to termi- Seizure Disorders nate pregnancy during the first trimester. A prostaglandin is given approximately 48 hours after the mifepristone to Although antiepileptic drugs (AEDs) are known teratogens, augment uterine contractions and ensure expulsion of the they must often be taken during pregnancy because seizures conceptus. Despite the usually good outcomes, the incidence of birth defects is 2 to TOCOLYTICS 3 times higher in fetuses exposed to AEDs than in those not exposed. If an AED is required, monotherapy with the low- Drugs given to inhibit labor and maintain the pregnancy are est dose that stops seizures should be used and plasma drug called tocolytics. Uterine contractions with cervical changes levels should be checked monthly. Women with epilepsy between 20 and 37 weeks of gestation are considered prema- should take a folic acid supplement (at least 400 mcg daily) ture labor. Nonpharmacologic treatment includes bed rest, all the time and 800 mcg or more during pregnancy. Drug therapy is most effective when plemental vitamin K is usually needed during the last the cervix is dilated less than 4 cm and membranes are intact. An Ritodrine, terbutaline, magnesium sulfate, and nifedipine injection of vitamin K is also given to the infant immedi- are used as tocolytics (see Drugs at a Glance: Abortifacients, ately after birth. Ritodrine and There has been controversy as to whether teratogenic terbutaline are beta-adrenergic agents that relax uterine smooth effects stemmed from epilepsy or AEDs. Moreover, the rate of taline is not FDA approved for use in premature labor, but is birth defects in infants exposed to one AED was significantly used widely for that purpose. Hypermagnesemia may occur took AEDs for bipolar disorder rather than epilepsy also had because tocolytic serum levels (4 to 7 mEq/L) are higher than higher rates of birth defects.

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Focusing on one or even two of the components will guarantee suboptimal performance 20 mg celexa with visa. Provide an example of a vague operational definition buy cheap celexa 10 mg online, and then describe what you would do to make the definition more specific and clear order celexa 10mg on-line. Provide an example of when you would use stratification and when it is appropriate to develop a sampling strategy. Select one sampling method- ology and describe how you would apply it to a quality improvement initiative. Acknowledgments I want to acknowledge the assistance of several colleagues who helped me research information for this section and reviewed initial drafts of the dis- cussion. Karen did a wonderful job of tracking down information on the MDS topic and the numerous components related to this diverse issue. Tina was able to masterfully cut through the extensive detail surrounding the Joint 114 The Healthcare Quality Book Commission Core Indicators and boil it down to a few key points. Lou Ann, who is a nationally recognized expert in the area of coding and med- ical records, was able to narrow this extremely complex field down into a short history with major data sources (e. Finally, Cheryl was able to summarize the essence of the OASIS initiative into an extremely cogent set of points. This form, UB-92, and several other standard forms used by CMS can be found at www. Additional information on the RAI MDS can be found at the CMS web site: www. Information on the OASIS system can be obtained at the CMS web site: www. Additional detail on the Joint Commission Core Measures project can be found at www. Several years ago, I had the opportunity to observe a team that for- got to note when they changed the operational definition of a key indicator. The shift in their data was so dramatic that I asked if they had done anything different when they collected their data. Frequently, a change in the operational definition or sampling plan can produce such a large shift in the data. As I continued asking the staff if anything was being done differently, I finally found a data analyst who recalled a slight modification in the operational definition.

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