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In the special case of bone marrow transplantation buy alendronate 35mg without prescription, the risk is for graft-versus- HLA disease associations host disease (GVHD) generic alendronate 70mg without prescription, as opposed to tissue rejection buy alendronate 35mg low cost. As advances occur in transplantation Hemochromatosis A3 6–20 medicine, HLA typing for transplantation occurs with Lupus DR3 1–3 increasing frequency and in various settings. For example, a patient with DR4 is three to six times more likely to have rheumatoid arthritis and five to seven times are thought to be autoimmune in nature. Autoimmune more likely to develop type 1 diabetes than an individual without the DR4 allele. The basis of the HLA association is not well understood, although there are some hypotheses. Most autoimmune diseases are charac- terized by the expression of class II MHC on cells of the Parentage body that do not normally express these proteins. This Among other tests, HLA typing can sometimes be may confuse the killer T-cells, which respond inappropri- used to determine parentage, most commonly pater- ately by attacking these cells. Whatever HLA-typing can provide valuable DNA-based evi- the underlying mechanism, certain HLA-types are known dence contributing to the determination of identity in factors that increase the relative risk for developing spe- criminal cases. Additionally, it is a technology that has carry the HLA B-27 allele have a relative risk of 77–90 been applied internationally in the human-rights arena. The period under the dictatorship was marked by the murder and disappearance of thousands who were one in the general population. HLA-typing was one tool used In addition to autoimmune disease, HLA-type less to determine non-parentage and return children to their commonly plays a role in susceptibility to other diseases, biological families. Conversely, some HLA-types confer a Anthropologic studies protective advantage for certain types of infectious dis- ease. In addition, there are rare immune deficiency dis- HLA-typing has proved to be an invaluable tool in eases that result from inherited mutations of the genes of the study of the evolutionary origins of human popula- components of the major histocompatibility complex. This information, in turn, contributes to an under- GALE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF GENETIC DISORDERS 699 standing of cultural and linguistic relationships and prac- perature (i. Research has identified a num- Resources ber of genetic regions that may be linked to an increased BOOKS MH susceptibility. The PERIODICALS patient himself became very ill and developed a high tem- Diamond, J. Alfred Benzon ple with this condition often rapidly develop a very high Symposium. The high death rate in the 1960s occurred because Hematotherapy 5 (1996): 295–300. MH can be thought of as a chain reac- Male turner syndrome see Noonan tion that is triggered when a person with MH susceptibil- syndrome ity is exposed to specific drugs commonly used for anesthesia and muscle relaxation. Malignant fever see Malignant hyperthermia Triggering drugs that may lead to malignant hyper- thermia include: Malignant hyperpyrexia see Malignant • halothane hyperthermia • enflurane • isoflurane • sevoflurane IMalignant hyperthermia • desflurane Definition • methoxyflurane Malignant hyperthermia (MH) is a condition that • ether causes a number of physical changes to occur among • succinylcholine genetically susceptible individuals when they are exposed to a particular muscle relaxant or certain types of Once an MH susceptible person is exposed to one or medications used for anesthesia.

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They ingest foreign proteins 35 mg alendronate otc, such as mature in the fetal liver or in lymphoid tissue before be- disease organisms buy generic alendronate 35mg on-line, and break them down within phago- coming active in the blood cheap alendronate 35mg online. Foreign antigen T cell receptor Helper T cell MHC protein Antigen fragment Activated helper Lysosome Phagocytic vesicle T cell Interleukin 1 Macrophage ingests 2 Macrophage presents 3 Activated T cell foreign antigen antigen fragment with produces interleukin, MHC proteins to which stimulates helper T cell other leukocytes Figure 17-2 Activation of a helper T cell by a macrophage (antigen-presenting cell). The Antigen–Antibody B Reaction memory The antibody that is produced in re- cells sponse to a specific antigen, such as a Plasma bacterial cell or a toxin, has a shape cells that matches some part of that antigen, much in the same way that the shape of a key matches the shape of its lock. Some of the actions of complement are: ulates the cells to multiply rapidly and produce large ◗ It coats foreign cells to help phagocytes recognize and numbers (clones) of plasma cells. BODY DEFENSES, IMMUNITY, AND VACCINES ✦ 351 Box 17-1 A Closer Look Antibodies: A Protein Army That Fights DiseaseAntibodies: A Protein Army That Fights Disease ntibodies are proteins secreted by plasma cells (activated immunoglobulins that vary in molecular size and in function AB cells) in response to specific antigens. Because the plasma contains other globulins as well, bodies, because they are the first to be produced in an immune antibodies have become known as immunoglobulins (Ig). Each time a person is invaded by disease organisms, his or her cells manufacture antibodies that provide im- Artificially Acquired Immunity munity against the infection. Because the host is ac- A person who has not been exposed to repeated small tively involved in the production of antibodies, this type doses of a particular organism has no antibodies against of immunity is called active immunity. This 352 ✦ CHAPTER SEVENTEEN protective process is known as vacci- Table 17•1 Antigen-Antibody Interactions and Their nation (vak-sin-A-shun), or immu- Effects nization, and the solution used is Interaction Effects called a vaccine (vak-SENE). Ordinar- ily, the administration of a vaccine is Prevention of attachment A pathogen coated with antibody is a preventive measure designed to pro- Antibody prevented from attaching to a cell. Clumping of antigen Antibodies can link antigens together, (The term even comes from the Latin forming a cluster that phagocytes word for cow, referring to cowpox, Foreign cell can ingest. Mandatory vaccination has Antibody been discontinued because the chance of adverse side effects from the vaccine is thought to be greater than the prob- Help with phagocytosis Phagocytes can attach more easily to ability of contracting the disease. Also pregnant women should not Activation of complement When complement attaches to anti- receive live virus vaccine because the Complement body on a cell surface, a series of virus could cross the placenta and harm Antibody reactions begins that activates com- the fetus. Types of Vaccines Vaccines can Activation of NK cells NK cells respond to antibody adhering be made with live organisms or with NK cell to a cell surface and attack the cell. Antibody If live organisms are used, they must Foreign cell be nonvirulent for humans, such as the cowpox virus used for smallpox Box 17-2 Clinical Perspectives Too Much Stress Makes The Immune System SickToo Much Stress Makes The Immune System Sick he impact of stress on the immune system is the most ◗ inhibit histamine release from damaged tissues, thereby Twide-ranging and significant of its many effects on the blocking inflammation and the arrival of phagocytic leuko- body. However, the ab- Box 12-3, Stress: Mechanisms for Coping, suggests some normally high levels of cortisol that appear during periods of strategies for reducing stress. This acellular (aP) vaccine usually tered with heat or chemicals to reduce its harmfulness, is given in a mixture with diphtheria toxoid and tetanus but it can still function as an antigen to induce immunity. Boosters In many cases, an active immunity acquired Routine inoculation against Haemophilus influenzae by artificial (or even natural) means does not last a life- type B (Hib) has nearly eliminated the life-threatening time. The number of booster injections vaccine is given in either two doses or three doses begin- recommended varies with the disease and with an indi- ning at 2 months of age.

For example buy alendronate 35 mg, rats that received acrobatic training have been compared to rats that only had repetitive exercise (non skill-learning control) buy alendronate 35 mg free shipping. These studies describe use-dependent neural plasticity in the motor cortex associated with learning new motor skills purchase alendronate 35 mg line. It is now known that these effects are quite specific since these morphological changes are confined to movement representations in motor cortex that are functionally related to the motor behaviors being learned. THE CONCEPT OF SPONTANEOUS RECOVERY The restoration of movements or cognitive abilities that have been impaired or lost as a result of an injury to the central nervous system is referred to as recovery of function. Usually the phrase recovery of function is used as a general description that may not refer to the exact reinstatement of lost functions, but refer to compensatory strategies to achieve goals that were no longer obtainable after injury. Theoretical interest in recovery of function evolved from research that supported the idea of localization of psychological and motor functions within the cerebral cortex. Thus, spontaneous recovery became a domain in which localizationist theory could be assessed. Two of these early theories that are still of relevance are diaschisis and vicariation of function. They felt a suppression of neural activity caused by loss of functional connections with the injured neural tissue, and vicariation assumes that the functional reorganization of surviving tissue is able to take on functions originally mediated by destroyed tissue. Behavioral or cognitive functions mediated by the suppressed system would regain function over time, whereas those functions mediated by the permanently damaged tissue would not regain function. Therefore, von Monakow could account for both the transient symptoms of brain damage that characterize spontaneous recovery as well as the chronic symptoms. Evidence supporting the concept of diaschisis has been observed in studies employing methods of quantifying metabolic activity in the brain following injury. In vitro, electrophysiological studies have demonstrated a phe- nomenon described as excitatory diaschisis resulting from ischemic damage induced by cortical photothrombosis in rats75,76 or from middle cerebral artery occlusion in rats. This transient state of hyperexcitability was associated with suppression of GABAergic activity that is normally inhibitory. Hermann Munk, using ablation techniques to damage certain areas of the cere- bral cortex in experimental animals, contributed to the localization of sensory per- ception in the primary sensory corticies: visual perception in the occipital cortex, auditory perception in the temporal cortex and somatosensory perception in the post- central gyrus. Munk hypothesized that the neural mechanisms mediating these recovered functions were relocalized in the cortex. This was done by destroying or suppressing cortical function in areas suspected of vicarious reorganization. In this view of spontaneous recovery, corresponding neural areas of the cortex vicariously take on functional characteristics of damaged tissue as a consequence of neural activation associated with the lost function. Ther- apeutic intervention could be initiated to foster the process of retraining that may occur. Although Luria was more interested in higher cognitive functions affected by brain damage, this principle can apply to motor skill learning as well.

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When blood sugar (glucose) is broken down in PERIODICALS preparation to enter the TCA cycle discount alendronate 35 mg visa, it is broken down into Pyle order alendronate 70mg without prescription, E 70mg alendronate with amex. As a result, enzymes KEY TERMS are not used up in chemical reactions; they are recycled. One molecule of an enzyme may be used to facilitate the Apoenzyme—An enzyme that cannot function same chemical reaction over and over again several hun- without assistance from other chemicals called dreds of thousands of times. This condition usually Genetic profile indicates a problem with blood sugar regulation. The gene responsible for MMA has been mapped to Metabolic acidosis—High acidity (low pH) in the 6p21. At least 30 mutations in this gene have been body due to abnormal metabolism, excessive acid identified which lead to a broad spectrum of clinical intake, or retention in the kidneys. Methylmalomic acid—An intermediate product formed when certain substances are broken down Demographics in order to create usable energy for the body. It is Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)—The gen- eral term given to “crib deaths” of unknown believed to occur with a frequency of approximately one causes. Therefore, in cases where chemicals are broken down into forms that are the parents are related by blood (consanguineous), the directly useable as energy in the cells. Parents with one child affected by MMA have a 25% likelihood that their next child will also be affected carbon dioxide, water, and ATP. This propionyl-CoA is then converted Signs and symptoms into methylmalonyl-CoA, which is next converted to suc- The abnormally high levels of acid in the blood of cinyl-CoA. It is succinyl-CoA that enters the TCA cycle individuals affected with MMA can produce drowsiness, to eventually yield carbon dioxide, water, and the ATP seizures, and in severe cases, coma and/or stroke. In the The conversion of methylmalonyl-CoA to succinyl- very rare instances of a complete apoenzyme absence, CoA involves the apoenzyme methylmalonyl-CoA MMA is associated with sudden infant death syndrome mutase. An apoenzyme is an enzyme that cannot function (SIDS) and at least one known case of sudden child death without the aid of other chemicals (cofactors). Genetic MMA is a result of either a deficiency in the Dehydration and failure to thrive are generally the methylmalonyl-CoA mutase apoenzyme or a defect in the first signs of MMA. These symptoms are generally mechanism inside the cells that converts dietary vitamin accompanied by lethargy, lack of muscle tone (hypoto- B12 into its useable form for this chemical reaction. An enzyme is a chemical that facilitates (catalyzes) Developmental delay is typically experienced in all the chemical reaction of another chemical or of other individuals affected with MMA if treatment is not insti- chemicals; it is neither a reactant nor a product in the gated early in life. These include a broad nose, a high fore- Individuals affected with MMA are generally placed head, a skin fold of the upper eyelid (epicanthal folds), on low, or no, protein diets supplemented with carnitine and a lack of the normal groove in the skin between the and cobalamin (vitamin B12) and alkalinizing agents nose and the upper lip (the philtrum).

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